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Rena St. Clair

I've helped hundreds of Calgarians get their mortgage for their first home, even though I've moved 23 times and never used a broker myself!

How does that make sense!

Well, real estate agents and past clients keep sending young professional couples to me. 

They say I see things from their perspective and give them what they need most: access to the best choices from all the different lenders, and a fast response so they know what they qualify for. (advantages that I didn’t have during those 23 exciting, but often stressful, moves) 

Once you’ve had to get financing for that many homes without a broker, I guess you can’t help but be excited to save others from the hassle!

From Small Business Owner In Halifax, To Mortgage Broker In Calgary

It was 2006, and my husband Guy was about to get transferred... again. 

Well, my kids Jessie and Rory and I were pretty used to this by now. We’d lived all over Canada, and overseas in Bolivia, Italy, and Cyprus. 

In fact, I think I’m still wanted by the coast guard in Larnaca for accidentally (on purpose) entering a private beach, getting caught, and then escaping from their boat. But that’s a story for another time. 

At this point we were all settled in Halifax. I had owned and managed a Fabutan for the past 5 years. 

One of my regular clients was the head of the local Mortgage Brokers Association. So we talked about the industry a lot. She knew how much wacky enjoyment I got from looking at hundreds and hundreds of houses over the years, and kept saying it would be a field where I could really help a lot of people. 

There was no point getting certified in Nova Scotia, because we knew we’d end up in Alberta soon (move #22). 

Once we settled in Calgary, I took the broker courses, and mentored under some amazing mortgage experts. 

It was great because I kept the same freedom I had as a small business owner, but this time working from home. So I was able to be even more flexible for my clients. 

You know what, it’s not actually true that all our moves were done without a broker. By the time my family bought our last house -- Numero Twenty-Three -- I was a certified and experienced mortgage broker.

A Mountain-Biking, Dog-Walking Mom

You’ve come this far. If we’re going to be working together to get you into a new home, you might want to know the most important things about me...

My oldest is expecting our first grandchild this year, so I am on a knitting rampage. 

And I love my family more than anything in the world. Well, maybe not more than our two forever-puppies-at-heart: Kitty and Sally Brown. 

Kitty is just a tiny little Leonberger. Only about 59 kg, give or take. 

Sally, on the other hand, is a living cartoon. This crazy English bulldog snuffles around, snores like a chainsaw, and provides endless entertainment. 

And the last thing you should know is that I insist that everyone gets bikes and takes advantage of the fantastic Calgary trails! 

I have always been a cyclist, and when I met my future husband Guy, he had just finished a ride across Canada. 

So biking is a big part of our relationship. We’ve always had nice bikes in our house, and it’s something we still do together every week (yes, even in winter -- studded tires!!!). 

That’s a little bonus you get from me when we close a deal on your home: a list of the closest and best bike trails nearby. 

You’ll probably see Guy and I at some point, barreling down a hill. There may or may not be two giant dogs chasing us, haha.

Now That We’ve “Met”, What Can I Do For You?

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