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When was the last time you received an actual, handwritten note from someone, Anyone? Still thinking? That’s exactly the thinking behind this method of follow-up.

From the envelope to the actual card, no matter your penmanship, prospects, existing clients, and referral partners will appreciate the time you took to think about something to write. It makes you real and human.

What can a note do to develop your business relationships?

  • It gets opened and read.
  • It sends a meaningful, thoughtful and pertinent message.
  • It creates an impression that's positive.
  • It's reflective of the image of the type of company you have.
  • It's reflective of the type of service they're likely to get.
  • Makes the recipient feel special or important.
  • It's fun.

    When do you send personal cards?

  • To set yourself apart from the competition.
  • To get an appointment.
  • To confirm an appointment.
  • To thank for a referral
  • To congratulate or acknowledge a special occasion
  • To appreciate a favour

    Add value and you add to the impact, so be creative. Combine the message with something that relates to the person or their business - an article, or something of personal interest.

    A note that’s personal proves you were listening, proves you care about the prospect personally, and it has a lasting impact to ensure that the next attempt at contact puts you at the top of the list.

    Here are some tips:

  • Hand address the envelope.
  • Make sure the note fits the occasion.
  • Be certain the personality of the person and the card match.
  • Don't overdo it, or you lose the impact.
  • Don't make the message too mushy – stick to "ways you can help."