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Do you, like me, need a stress free holiday season?

I love the holiday season, but our traditions have changed a lot over the years! I used to enjoy the shopping the gift wrapping, the entertaining, the socializing. But then it all got a bit too much.

Now, we're about family (human and furry), and enjoying one and other's company. We still buy presents for the little ones - after all, that's who Santa is for - but for the adults it's about being together. The older we all get, the less that happens.

While holiday celebrations can be fun - planning, attending, hosting, shopping - they can also be stressful. Financially AND emotionally. 

I did my research this year and have found some great tips for ensuring you have a stress-free holiday (in no specific order). While the whole list won't appeal to everyone, I hope there are one or two items that help you have an enjoyable season.

Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

  1. Hire a cleaner - if you have guests coming for dinner or to stay for a few days, try to take something off your plate. I understand that not everyone has the funds for this but perhaps you scale back on gifts for others and get this one for you.
  2. Plan ahead - from gift shopping to meal planning, the sooner I get it planned out, the less stressed I feel. I've even gotten to the point where I know what I'm doing each day so that no one day is overloaded. 
  3. Shop online - while it may be a little late for 2019, think about this for next year. Once you know what you want/need to buy, you can save time and money by shopping online. You may also have a few less grey hairs!
  4. Do something for others - spend time at a shelter, adopt a family or a senior. Giving can really help put things in perspective. Start with buying the person behind you in line at the coffee shop a coffee and wish them "happy holidays". Bringing a smile to someone's face will bring a smile to yours. When you smile, you relax.
  5. Talk about the meaning of the season - take time to talk to the younger generation about the meaning of the season. One better: volunteer together to help out the less fortunate. Again, it's all about perspective!
  6. Take some time to get outside - whether you're taking in the zoo lights, skating at olympic plaza, or hot chocolate in the mountains, the fresh air will do you a world of good. Sometimes it's the little things.
  7. Less is more - this will mean something different to everyone, but you know what I mean. You don't have to do it ALL. Prioritize the important things and forget the rest.
  8. Just stop - if you're not enjoying something, don't do it. Now that sounds oversimplified but it couldn't be more true. We must make our own traditions by tailoring family customs to our personalities and schedules. If you feel resentful and stressed about a tradition, stop doing it.
  9. Take time for yourself - whether it's having a nap, having coffee with a friend, going to a spa, or just taking time after everyone else is in bed to fix yourself something to sip and sit in the quiet and enjoy the Christmas lights, it may help you sanity.
  10. Don't try to do it all yourself - Ask for help! Engage a clean-up crew for after a big dinner, or start a cookie swap in your neighbourhood so you only have to make one or two types of cookies. No one needs you to be a super hero!


Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!